Company Information
New World Mfg., Inc. was founded in 1971 by Jerry and Becky Moore. For more than 40 years this innovative business has been nestled in the heart of wine country, in beautiful Northern Califonia. Originally started as a manufacturer of waterbed mattresses and related products, New World ha since evolved into something greater today.

A competitve maufacurer of vinyl, urethane and rubber products, we now manufacture a wide array of products, including; airbeds, waterbeds, liners, the SuperCat (a single man pontoon boat), water storage bladders, veterinary training products, laminating bags, trauma training aides, sleeves for medical equipment, sumo suits, pipe jackets, tarps and much more.

New World also manufactures custom products, to meet the specifications of each customer. Additionally, we do prototyping for those interested in making new original products.

The linings divison of New World inspects, fabricates and installs liners for water storage tanks, ponds, reservoirs, etc. They install liners in ponds and tanks of all sizes; And travel throughout California with an emphasis in Central and Northern California.
Business purpose

Business purpose

The company produces a wide variety of products from PVC (vinyl), CSPE, EPDM rubber, urethane, XR-3, XR-5 and other materials. The business includes a manufacturing plant, a machine shop and a sewing department. We perform radio-frequency welding, hot air welding, wedge welding, sewing and machining.
A separate division of the company covers installations of liners and baffles in ponds and tanks throughout California. We have six experienced liner installers with over 100 years of combined on-the-job experience.
In addition to liner and baffle installations, we do core drilling from 2"-6".
We hold contractor's license number 618911 in C-61 category for specialty work.
A specialty liner fabricator and installer since 1971. California contractor's license #618911.